review of cf apps

This will likely be several part post. Started to look into cf apps to help manage the daily meds and routine. Honestly there are very few out there on the apple store. My plan is to try several of them and see what i like.

I’ve reached the point where i’m starting to occasionally miss meds and other items in the daily routine. This is extremely frustrating, not mention can have a health impact.

Stayed tuned…

hello picc

hello picc (Peripherally inserted central catheter) again. third time lucky lol at least i’m home with the family and out of the hospital bed.

working on web development and business podcasts between naps. my aim is to put in a few hours next week for work remotely. really focusing on turning into up time.

Mischief the mouse…the beginning tales

Peering quickly out of the house elevator, Mischief’s nose picked up the scent. House cheese freshly made. You see, house cheese is only found in certain kitchens throughout Village Fields. Mischief quickly tightened up her backpack, checked the climbing rope and her cat stunner to giggles. In a flash, she ran along the edge of the old baseboard towards the ice box fridge. Her rear paws stepped into the tiny drops of water from the melting ice. Tiny paw prints followed behind her all the while she kept her ears up; listening for any sounds that did not belong in the kitchen. The sun was beginning to set now through the stained glass in the kitchen. Mischief often wondered what the images on the stained glass meant for they had a look of being very old. Like the stories her great grandmother would tell her around the matchstick fireplace. Tales of mice fairies, bat cats and dragon dogs. A small snapping sound brought her back to the task at hand. She could not seen anybody but her whiskers were tingling. This was the tricky part, getting up from the floor onto the kitchen counter. The safest path was to keep following the baseboards to the fork drawer and use the small tunnels behind it to climb up and through the wooden beams. It was also the slowest route and there had been whispers of floor spiders lingering nearby with webs to ensnare wanders. No; Mischief could not afford any more delays in getting to the cheese.

Taking off the climbing rope, Mischief unrolled the rope and grabbed the climbing hook. With a mighty swing, the hook was sailing through the air. Thud, it landed very close to where she had planned. With a tug on the rope, she began to climb upwards. For those who do not know much about mice, they are apt climbers….

current readings (manga and atari art)

working through a couple of books at the moment. picking up on the manga (zelda, pokemon and others). really like the art style especially the kawaii (cuteness).

picked up the art of atari coffee table book this weekend. just getting into it but it’s so neat to see. didn’t have a 2600 growing up but did play it at others houses. the simple graphics really get me thinking about our approach to what we’re trying to make. simple seems better.