getting the bits in order

I initially started off using the Phaser JavaScript library. It was super simple to get the simple tutorials up and going fairly quick. I know that v3 was just released this March and that a lot of user facing documentation and tutorials are coming but I found using v2 was easier for me with all the resources out there. You may be wondering why I stopped; simple I wanted to check out Unity and give it a go to see if I liked it. Now, that’s pretty subjective but for me it was all about training materials, resources and other support to get me going. There’s a lot for both Phaser and Unity as it turns out. The Phaser2D editor is a super addition for a scene editor and a lot more. I’m just finding with Unity that the many of the beginner tutorials from Unity are providing the structure and explanation (I do like the details) that I crave. I can accept how things are supposed to be and take a leap of faith but I always want to know why at some point.

Long winded tail there, at the moment I’m digging more into Unity and the ecosystem around it. I did some C# back in college and am feeling the urge to pick that back up a little bit. All in all, it’s the journey and having fun. My partner in crime always reminds me this is a hobby and not a contract/ and that’s how I’m trying to keep it in mind.

Be very interested in what your thoughts and journey have been.


Richard and monkey.

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